When I was first adopted, Doree had no idea I would go on to become a Guinness World Record holder.

Although I have a career in acting and modeling (Target, Mighty Dog, etc.) popping balloons is by far my favorite gig. I am so passionate and focused about popping balloons that people just love to watch me. Whether on Regis and Kelly, Animal Planet, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno or at a pet rescue fund raiser or back yard party, the audience always cheers me on and applauds with enthusiasm.

It all started at the first New Years Eve party I attended. At midnight when the balloons came out I went crazy over them.

My first professional balloon popping performance was on the Miss Dog Pageant where I was in the top ten finalists, my talent popping helium balloons. In September 2005 I made my first Guinness World Record on Animal Planet's Guinness World Record Amazing Animals. This brought me to the interest of Regis and Kelly, where I have appeared three times, breaking my own record on the show in February 2008.

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