Doree has been training all kinds of animals for something like 196 dog years.

Luckily for me I was adopted into her home to join Griffin and his dad, the famous Barkley the Dog, a very well known and respected dog actor. Doree has worked with all kinds of animals. Small dogs, big dogs, house cats, BIG cats, rats, ferrets, birds, bugs, you name it. Doree worked in the business as an actress from infancy to twenty-five in human years.
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Doree Sitterly attended Moorpark College, Exotic Animal Training and Management Program where she learned to train animals and acquired an Associates Degree in Science.

She worked with Animal Actors of Hollywood from 1982 to 2002 and is now a freelance studio animal trainer.

Some of Doree's credits are:



Did you know animals can

wear make-up?

  • Out of Africa
  • Dracula
  • Beverly Hills Chihuahua
  • Big Top Pee Wee
  • Cheetah
  • Home Alone 2
  • Volcano
  • Clean Slate
  • Ernest Goes to Jail
  • American Beauty
  • Marmaduke


  • Screen Actors Guild
  • Union 399 Teamsters
  • Friends
  • Full House
  • Quantum Leap
  • Entourage
  • Pushing Daisies
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Bones
  • New Adventures of Old Christine

Doree's animal make-up skills are amazing. That's me on the right and Griffin is on the left.